Before the Wait EP is a talented and tastefully updated throwback to that classic sound with a hip-hop vibe. Well produced and polished personal/relatable songs, a great preview of things to come from Danami and The Blue.  — Rob of Thank You Rob Podcast
One of Those Days

There are days when the stars align and everything is perfect. We call them, one of those days.

Celebrating Life

I was captivated immediately by the rhythms and rhymes provided by Danami on Celebrate Life. Dope music combined with a positive message is what the world needs and what the music industry needs more of! — CJ Pitts

Have You Seen Her

I'm proud of my best friend (Danami) for sharing my experience to the world to empower women to keep control of their body and mind regardless of how cute and charming a guy might be. — Latina Cole


By Your Side

Not only does this song make me want to dance but the lyrics are so genuine and on-point with what a love/relationship should be…a 50/50 kind of love. — Anahita Ahrar

Fork In The Road

Fork In The Road is the heartfelt proclamation of a man on the relentless pursuit to reach the next level of happiness and success! — MaLLy

Winter of '96

Winter of ’96 is all about those old love wounds that lie quietly beneath the surface, waiting to hit you when you least expect it.” — Rachel Quast


This six song selection runs the gamut of emotions and instrumental sounds. Danami’s narratives, paired with his delivery and the EP’s production value come together to form a truly engaging hip-hop/soul experienceHaley Anderson
Overall production is really enjoyable. Danami has grown a lot since his first project “Success is Intentional.” Overall message is one of positivity and breaking through struggle.MaLLy
You are the real deal. I’m proud to be associated with you at any level. I’m looking forward to following your career.David Olson
‘Before the Wait’ is a fresh approach to the current music being played. It crosses demos from new school to old school fans. Great writing that show a sincere feel of life today.Pete Rhodes

Latest Music Video

Director/Editor – Chris McDuffie
Co-Director – Danami
Hair + MUA – LaShay Weddington
CJ Pitts (singer)
G Mo Beats (Kim’s Boyfriend)
Elizabeth Gullickson (Kim)
Vanessa Berrueta (Latina)
Josten Rositas (Latina’s Boyfriend)
Audrey Benck (Clinic Nurse)