What’s up – thanks for stopping by! I’m Danami-Maurice Champion, Songwriter, Hip-Hop Recording Artist, Graphic Designer, Instructor, and Inspirational Speaker residing in Saint Paul, Minnesota (Detroit born and raised though). Here on my website/blog, I share my personal experiences as a person and artist to inspire and empower others to become the best them.

Danami is an accomplished Songwriter and Hip-Hop Recording Artist focused on writing, recording, and performing music that is both artistic and narrates stories – connecting with people and perspectives through intimate human experiences of love and social justice. Writing music since 1997, many fans have compared Danami’s style to iconic Hip-Hop artists Nas and Lupe Fiasco infused with a backdrop of love themes and storytelling elements from 50-80’s Soul music.

These elements can be heard on Danami’s forthcoming sophomore album Delayed Gratification, a successfully crowd sourced project utilizing Kickstarter.com (surpassing a goal of $3,000 by 10% resulting in $3,316 raised). Songs like ‘Fork In The Road’ and ‘Moments Alone’ – featured on Delayed Gratification – exemplifies Danami’s strengths to craft personal relatable catchy music.

Sean “Twinkie Jiggles” McPherson, co-founder of Heiruspecs, says, “Danami’s hustle and his business acumen outshines a lot of other up and coming stars in independent Hip-Hop. But it is his soulful approach and his unique style that truly sets him apart from the pack.”

Danami’s soulful approach to making music is contributed to growing up in Motown, home of The Temptations, Stevie Wonder, Smokie Robinson, and other Detroit musical patrons. Motown’s social and political appeal to the world during the 1960s inspires Danami to create Marvin Gaye’s ‘What’s Going On’ or ‘Poppa Was A Rolling Stone’ by The Temptations in Hip-Hop form. This same social and political mass appeal of Motown was proven true for Danami in 2012 on the McNally Smith Road Trip; SXSW Tour in 2012 – touring high schools throughout the Midwest and South, including performing at SXSW Music Festival.

During that same year, Danami contributed his voice to raising awareness of the Voter ID adamant as a member of Face The Vote (FTV), an initiative by the Twin Cities Hip-Hop community to showcase the voters affected by the voter suppression bill using music and videos. Non-profit organizations, schools, and correctional facilities routinely recruit Danami. He uses his music as a platform to engage in social change and foster belief and encouragement in the lives of youth through speeches, workshops, panels, and his daily life.