50/90 Songwriting Challenge

50/90 Challenge

I recently discovered an international songwriting challenge called the 50/90 Challenge. This is a marathon of songwriting known as the 50 Songs in 90 Days Challenge. Between July 4th and October 1st, participants attempt to write fifty songs. Songwriters will test their creative mettle by trying to create a finished song in less than 2 days every day for nearly 3 months. I signed up via FAWM.org to partake in this challenge. I received a profile, which I can upload my songs, songwriting tools and resources, and a network of artists all over the world to collaborate with.

My personal goal is to exercise my writing muscle and to jump-start as many songs as I can. I’m shooting for 50 songs, but I’ll be happy with 30 new songs. I view this challenge as a motivator to write. If you’re a songwriter, I encourage to join the 50/90 Songwriting Challenge. Visit FAWM.org for more details and registration.

For all my TeamDanami members, would you like to see video updates of these songs as they’re being written? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

Image by: DSGN Champion

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