Meet TeamDanami: Chamie

I’m often asked who is TeamDanami? To answer that question, every Thursday I will introduce you to one cool TD member to discover and network with. This week find out a little about Chamie below.

Who are you?
Chamie Smith also known as @kidLuminosity on twitter

What is your occupation?
Full-time Student and Part-time employee at Austin Community College

Where are you from?
Austin, Texas

When did you become a fan of Danami?
Circa 2009, when I was researching McNally Smith

Describe yourself in three words?
Spontaneous, Fun, and Fearless

Finish the sentence, when I was in the eight grade I was…
Causing trouble and having fun

What’s your favorite Danami song?
I have two, “Hustle Hard (freestyle)” and “Party Girl”

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